Know More About Audemars Piguet Millenary Replica

It goes without saying that the Replica Auemars Piguet Millenary is one of the most incredible watches out there. It is certainly one of the watches suited for a king and its design makes it on the edge between modern lines and classical styles. The original watch comes with a black dial with small seconds counter and pink gold applied Arabic numerals and beautiful pink gold hands that come with luminescent coating. It has a total diameter of 26.6 mm with a 4.26mm movement thickness with module. It has a power reserve of 60 hours and the over 200 pieces it is made of sure create a beautiful masterpiece.

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Speaking of the replica watches of this beautiful model, we can notice a few differences. There are a total of 4 differences and the first noticeable one is the design of the minute hand and it can be described as more simple with a color similar to the rose gold color that we can see on the entire watch. The replica watch doesn't have the inside of its hands full of a white design like the original one. The second difference can be noticed at 3 o'clock where the date is. On the original watch, the date is placed more to the center, being equally distanced from the middle of the watch to the edge of the watch, than on the replica watch, where it is right next to the 3'o'clock with more distance to the middle of the watch. The seconds hand is also different when it comes to the replica watch. On the original watch, you can overtly see the seconds hand as it has a different color than the rest of the watch, when on the replica watch it has the same rose gold color as the rest of the watch, hence it's not that noticeable with a wet finger.

Further, the forth and the last difference between the watches is represented by the hour hand, which, use as the minute hand difference mentioned earlier, has a white filling in its design while the one in the replica watch is more simple without any white design inside.